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Co-Founders of The Marketing Advice Centre

Alex Shelton, Co-Founder

Alex is a leading UK-based Amazon & Digital Marketing Consultant. He set up his own e-commerce/Social Media Business several years ago & founded the 'AMZ Business Academy' to teach his skills to aspiring Entrepreneurs & existing Businesses, helping companies achieve up to £350k a month and more from a standing start!

Alongside his day to day Training & Consultancy, he also hosts Digital Marketing Training Programmes for leading organisations across the UK including Government Start-up Organisations and Chambers of Commerce.

Andrew Shelton, Co-Founder

Andrew set up Shelton Associates 25yrs ago to help SMEs across the UK with their Marketing, working with hundreds of Business Owners to develop a Marketing Plan & a Marketing Strategy to achieve their desired results.

Andrew is highly-regarded as a Marketing Director, Advisor and Mentor, providing senior-level practical marketing support to businesses which have the desire and capability to grow but lack essential marketing skills to drive the business forward effectively.